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Iranian American Jewish Federation (IAJF)

   One of the major consequences of the 1979 revolutions in Iran was the unwanted mass immigration of the Iranian elite and the minorities. Immediately after their arrival, the Iranian Jewish community who had settled in California—mainly in Los Angeles—began forming various organizations to cater to different community needs. In 1980, the Iranian American Jewish Federation (the “IAJF”) was formed as an umbrella organization with main objective of defending and protecting the interests and welfare of the Jews throughout the world—with special emphasis on Iranian Jews—as well as streamlining the philanthropic activities of its member organizations.

   In accordance with the provisions of the Articles of IAJF, our Board of Directors is elected by the vote of the community members to serve a four-year term alongside with the representatives of IAJF’s member organizations and the elected community trustees.

   Proud of its services since its inception, the IAJF has made numerous contributions to the welfare of our community, some of which is detailed below:

1. Working in close cooperation with organizations such as the Jewish Federation Council of Greater Los Angeles, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society and the American Joint Distribution Committee in connection with the issues facing members of our community from Iran who apply to the United States for refugee status, including assistance with the preparation of such applications and the many issues that exist for these members of our community in Vienna, which is where their applications are processed.
2. Providing necessary assistance to the above new community members to settle in United States.
3. Purchase of Temple Bet El in West Hollywood and relocating the headquarters IAJF to this new location. Here, after establishing The Iranian American Jewish Center (IAJC), major renovations have take place, including building of Neman Hall, an elegant banquet chamber. This beautiful building comprises of a landmark synagogue, offices, a nursery school and banqueting facilities. We conduct Shabbat and high holyday services, both in Farsi and English.
4. The Emergency Fund of IAJF has had an outstanding record of providing financial and medical assistance to the community members who are in critical need.

   Over time, thanks to the services of its dedicated members, the IAJF has been recognized—both at national and international level—as the unified voice of the Iranian Jews throughout the world. We have secured representation of our community in the larger American Jewish organizations, such as the Jewish Federation Council of Greater Los Angeles, the Council of Affiliated Organizations of the JFC and the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society—with members of the IAJF sitting on the Board of Directors of these organizations and making sure that issues facing our community are addressed by these powerful organizations. We have also established close contact with many public officials, who have been made aware of the issues faced by our community. Thus, we have been honored to host many dignitaries, among them the Honorable President Moshe Katzav and General Shaul Mofaz.

   We invite all our community members to join IAJF in serving their people and welcome every helping hand that can assist us in achieving our goals.