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The Iranian American Jewish Federation (IAJF) of Los Angeles was founded in 1981,  shortly after the 1979 Revolution in Iran, to secure a new life for Iranian refugees fleeing from war and persecution. For the past 41 years, the IAJF has been the centralized address of the Iranian-Jewish community and much of the Iranian community at large in the United States. When many members of our community sought refuge in this country, the IAJF partnered with community and political leaders to further the interests of our new country and adopted home, the United States of America, while protecting the rights of our community and other religious minorities that have been, and remain, under a constant threat of persecution.


We have since played a pivotal role in maintaining and uniting the eclectic members of SoCal's constantly growing Iranian American Jewish community and have evolved into a prominent voice of our community within state and federal governments. We progressively engage and collaborate in policy making and policy changes that have and continue to incite hope, unity, and security to Iranian Jews here and abroad.


We are committed to lighting the flame of the future with the fire of our ancestors; embracing our Jewish values, celebrating our Persian Culture, and improving our community’s quality of life with dignity, independence, success and growth!

We believe in promoting diversity, encouraging unity, and uplifting those in need.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to address the needs and strengthen the voice of the Iranian-American Jewish community locally and abroad. IAJF safeguards and defends the rights of our global community and acts as a forum for community leaders to implement plans that remove threats and resolve their challenges.  IAJF endeavors to strengthen and sustain both Iranian and Jewish heritage, cultures and values, 

To achieve our mission statement’s goals, the IAJF has established committees that are very active and effective in their respective areas. 


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