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Iranian American Jewish Federation (IAJF)

Dispute Resolution/Law and Information Committee

Name of Committee

Dispute Resolution/Law and Information Committee

Mission Statement

To assist the community, individuals, groups, organizations, and businesses, whether they are represented by attorney(s) or not, to resolve their disputes through a voluntary and confidential mediation process conducted by experienced attorneys and other professionals skilled in the various fields related to the issues at hand, by facilitating clear communication and allowing the parties control over their agreement. This process will allow the parties to maintain their relationship, preserve their dignity, be in control of any agreement they reach, and save costs of litigation.

Category of Services

Mediation and Providing law information


Source of Funding

Pro-bono services up to maximum 3 hours of consultation and mediation.

Languages Spoken


Contact Information

Law Offices of Vida Halavi 
11040 Santa Monica Boulevard 
Suite 400 
Los Angeles, California 90025 
C/O Elahe Borokhim, Coordinator
IJAF 323-654-4700  Confidential Voicemail EXT: 102
Los Angeles, California 90025
C/O Elahe Borokhim, Coordinator
IJAF 323-654-4700  Confidential Voicemail EXT: 102

Office Hours

Appointments Only

Name of Executive Director

Vida Helavi, ESQ

Time of Inception

July 2014

Types of Activity

Confidential Communication



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