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Emergency Fund


Emergency Fund Committee:

A team of volunteer experts and community advocates, through collected funds and available services, helps the applicants to overcome immediate crises; assist in securing food, shelter, medical and mental care; as well as educate and train individuals to lead an independent life.

Susan Azizzadeh

President, Co-Chair, Emergency Fund Committee

Elie Alyeshmerni

Co-Chair, Emergency Fund Committee

Members: Kathy Afshani, Haideh Aynehchi, Elahe Borokhim, Yael Hassid, Shahla Javdan, Dr. Yousef Kohanzadeh, Dr. Minou Michlin, Saeed Sassooni, Manijeh Taban, Dr. Shadee Toomari, Betty Youabian, Manijeh Youabian

Community Members
Praying Together

Are you in need of assistance? Fill out our application form below and we will reach out with further information.

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